Balint Erdos

Balint Erdos

Raising Services and People with Clojure

In this talk Balint and Katsuyasu discuss how they utilized Clojure's strengths to quickly release a new product, and at the same time raised team members from zero experience with Clojure to the point of individually developing production-ready code.

They look at specific features of Clojure and how they used them to accelerate our team. As the flagship product of our company, Teachme Biz is powered by Rails, using Clojure for a new service was a huge change. They show how they used the positive aspects of that change (eg REPL-powered pair programming) and how they overcame difficulties (eg using Mount to resolve state-related bugs).

The primary goal of this talk is to show that it's entirely possible and not even difficult to introduce Clojure in an unexperienced organization. Balint and Kasuyasu share the rules, methods and tricks they used to make their journey smooth.

Balint is giving this talk alongside Katsuyasu Murata.

About Balint

Balint's a Hungarian developer working in Japan. At Studist Corp. he's focused on server-side with Rails and Clojure. Hobby open source developer, alpinist and craft beer aficionado.