Dmitri Sotnikov

Dmitri Sotnikov

Aviary: Clinical Collaboration Platform

This talk will focus on the application development platform developed by our team at UHN. Our primary goal is to provide the ability to rapidly implement new forms and workflows without introducing downtimes. The user interfaces are composed from reusable components, and can be assembled with minimal involvement from technical resources using our Domain Specific Language (DSL) for defining screens and business logic.

Dmitri is giving this talk alongside Carmen La.

About Dmitri

Dmitri is the creator of the Luminus framework and the author of Web Development with Clojure. He works at the University Health Network where he develops applications to help improve patient care.

Dmitri is an active member of the Clojure web development community and has authored a number of open source projects. He blogs at, and can also be found on twitter as @yogthos.