Jon Pither

Jon Pither

Keynote: The Crux of Bitemporality

So you love immutability and want to time-travel your data. But then what happens when the data grows in size and you're integrating it from various upstream sources? What value of time do you want to time-travel against?

What do you do when data occasionally arrives out of order in a global topology, or if you want to make corrections against the past?

What if we've so much data, that we want to start compacting it? What if some of that data is personal data and we need to get rid of it whilst preserving an immutable record?

Jon will unveil a new bi-temporal database called Crux that addresses these concerns. During this talk Jon will explain the motivation for building Crux and will highlight some of its upcoming features, including - but not limited to - bitemporality.

About Jon

Jon Pither is a tech lead by trade having led projects for JUXT at multiple Tier-1 Investment Banks, an online newspaper website, a major property portal, and an international public electric bikes scheme. Jon is a co-founder of JUXT; a software engineering firm that uses Clojure as its primary weapon of choice.

Before co-founding JUXT Jon worked as a senior consulant at ThoughtWorks where he became well versed in Agile software development techniques. During his time as a consultant Jon worked at large institutions such as the BBC and Sky, a major publishing house and a fashion retail giant.

Jon writes a series of blog articles for JUXT including a series of reference Clojure adoption stories.