Nikita Prokopov

Nikita Prokopov

Building My Own Clojure Tools

The talk will include a brief overview of:

  • Fira Code. What makes a good programming font? Is it all just appearances and taste, or are there objective metrics too? How do ligatures help you read code faster?
  • Alabaster, a minimalistic color scheme. What’s that most of the other color schemes get wrong? Why syntax highlighting at all? Principles for designing a good color scheme.
  • Clojure and EDN grammars for Sublime. How hard it is to write your own grammar? The main problem with existing grammars and how to solve them. Unique Sublime features.
  • Better Clojure formatting. Future-proof formatting rules that could become a foundation for ecosystem-wide gofmt-like standard formatting facility. How it was designed: from limitations to the solution. Why Clojure Style Guide is not gonna work?
  • REPL integration for Sublime Text. What makes a REPL great, UX-wise? What features are must have? How to split responsibility between plugin and runtime? Portability. Reusability.

About Nikita

Hi! I’m Nikita and I guess I like to make tools that help me program better. I’m interested code side of things as much as in UX side, and looking forward improving Clojure state of tools as much as I could. You can learn more about me at