Thomas Getgood

Thomas Getgood

Residential Programming without Mutable State

Residential programming isn't a popular idea nowadays, with systems like Smalltalk and InterLisp seen as fringe ideas, but tools like the REPL and Figwheel are great productivity boosters precisely because they give us back some of the power of residential programming.

In this talk, Thomas will take a look at some of the reasons that residential programming isn't common, and demonstrate a toy environment that addresses many of the historical complaints by applying Clojure's data model to the program itself.

About Thomas

Thomas studied mathematics and has spent the majority of the past ten years working on small teams and in startups, and as a result has little concept of the term role. This might be why his hobby projects show no respect for interdisciplinary boundaries.

Motivating questions: Why is computer literacy so abysmally low? Why do developers write qualitatively different software for themselves and their customers? Why do people laugh at me when I ask why you can't combine a desktop application with part of your favourite website to make something new?