Tommi Reiman

Tommi Reiman

Reitit, the Ancient Art of Routing

Reitit is a new and fast isomorphic data-driven routing & dispatching library for Clojure/Script. Its key features are first-class route data, extensibility, composability and kick-ass performance.

In this talk, Tommi walks through the design principles of reitit, it's main features, different routing algorithms and compare it to other routing engines in both Clojure/Script and JavaScript. He'll also share my lessons learned on writing performant code with Clojure and describe the emerged data-driven patterns like data expansion, partial validation and data compilation.

This talk is for everyone interested in Clojure/Script, web development, routing, data-structures, performance and data-driven design in general.

About Tommi

Tommi Reiman is a Programmer, CTO and Co-founder at Metosin. Into good coffee, hammocks and simple software. Working mostly with Clojure(Script). Some open source too.