Cam Saul

Cam Saul

More Powerful Multimethods

Clojure's multimethods are its most powerful and flexible tool for creating abstractions. But the Common Lisp Object System's (CLOS) multimethods offer even more power.

Methodical is a new library that provides drop-in replacements for Clojure multimethods and adds several advanced features. In this talk Cam will give a brief overview of what some of those features are, how he ported them to Clojure and how you can use Methodical to solve real-world problems and write clearer, more concise code.

About Cam

Cam Saul lives in San Francisco and is the Lead Backend Engineer at Metabase, He has been writing Clojure professionally since 2013, and in past lives he was a C++ programmer and an iOS developer. When away from the REPL, you can find Cam outside, backpacking, snowboarding, or mountain biking.