Carin Meier

Carin Meier

[Keynote] Parens for Python

Clojure has an amazing ability to leverage other languages through interop. It can use interop for Java, JavaScript, and now Python with the libpython-clj library. This means that we can now take advantage of all the specialized and powerful python data science libraries out there in particular and directly integrate them into our workflows and production environments.

In this talk, Carin will demonstrate some of the great Python libraries that are now within your reach to explore and use right in your REPL, and discuss what it means to have a bridge to bring our communities closer together.

About Carin

Carin Meier is a senior software developer at Reify Health. She has a passion for Clojure and AI and has spoken at many conferences, including keynoting at OSCON and Strange Loop. She is the author of the O’Reilly book, “Living Clojure” and is both a committer and PPMC member of the Apache MXNet deep learning project.