Dana Borinski

Dana Borinski

Unleash the Power of the REPL

Clojure provides some powerful tools out of the box for development and debugging. The best known that we all probably use is the REPL (Read Evaluate Print Loop) that enables developers a much easier way to interact with a running Clojure project and gives us more code clarity by making it possible to find the source of bugs much more quickly, and ultimately understand the code and flow better.

In this talk Dana will go back to the basics and dive into how to best leverage REPL a tool that every Clojure developer uses on a daily basis, with real code examples, and get the most out of leveraging the stack trace, as well as code inspection with prints & logs. By better understanding the power of these tools, we will be able to drill down and isolate the issues so we can debug them via the REPL and solve them more quickly - and hone our Clojure skills.

About Dana

Dana is a software developer who is passionate about technology, loves to solve problems and make things work. She is a fan of clean code and obsessed with improving performance especially on high scale systems. She fell in love with functional programming when she became an avid Clojurian when she joined AppsFlyer.