Mark Bastian

Mark Bastian

The Clojure Hero's Journey

After years of laboring in Java you feel the call for something better. Scala, Kotlin, and Clojure seem like worthy quests. Will you choose familiarity or power? Will you master these powers to defeat evil? Join Mark as he describes his own monomythical journey to Clojure and helps you as you begin yours.

In this talk Mark will relate his own journey to Clojure with the goal of helping you both understand the journey and, especially, help you fast track through some of the common trials and challenges that beset the novice to intermediate Clojurian.

The ideal audience for this talk is anyone that is laboring in enterprise software and wants to begin the quest for something better. For those already on the quest, this talk should help you defeat some of the challenges you face. For those who are already happily wielding Clojure, this talk should help you to get others around you to begin their own Clojure quest.

About Mark

Mark Bastian is a Senior Software Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, and Clojure Evangelist at Clearwater Analytics in Boise, ID. He has successfully grown Clojure teams at multiple companies and loves helping the community thrive. In his spare time he loves board games, science fiction, and backpacking.