Paulo Feodrippe

Paulo Feodrippe

TLA+ and Clojure, a Small Primer

Like Clojure, TLA+ can enhance your mind, making you understand your systems better and giving you a way to, in a high abstract level, run your ideas (specifications).

Of course they are not free to deal with, you still have to learn a new language (it's not a programming language, thought it has parts of it) and think about your system in a mathematical way.

There are a lot of resources appearing in the last years and this talk proposes to show you a initial path to TLA+ specifiactions and how to hack it with Clojure, hope you enjoy o/

About Paulo

Paulo is a developer interested in distributed systems and fun (most of the time both don't occur together, but when they do, oh man).

Loves to learn and to have great and smart people (most of them are!) to do projects with.

Also antifascist.