Rhishikesh Joshi

Rhishikesh Joshi

Ants in My Chans

In this talk Rhishikesh will discuss the different concurrency primitives in Clojure and how they compare to each other. He will also try and describe the concurrency techniques used in Mobile apps by ObjC and Swift developers and how they stack up against Clojure's support. Rhishikesh will also talk about how mobile apps can benefit from Clojure immutability and concurrency patterns.

You'll hear discussed the merits and demerits of each approach and some pointers on which ones are suitable for which scenarios and a couple of examples to guide the talk through including the famous ants simulation project re-written using core.async channels and Swift.

About Rhishikesh

Rhishikesh is a polyglot developer who loves to learn new programming languages.

He has worked on multi touch drivers for gesture recognition, built an SDK at Helpshift which has been installed on billions of devices and built a team of mobile developers responsible for improving the above mentioned SDK.

Rhishikesh has recently moved into the Platform engineering team and am constantly amazed at the wonderful things the Clojure language and functional approach can do to boost productivity.