Tomáš Lamr

Tomáš Lamr

[Lightning] How Clojure Saved Our Office

Toronto, we had a problem!

Having a nice office in the old city centre of Prague is certainly an advantage. Hotels, restaurants, caffès... everything is so close! However, when your company is growing fast, the number of people doubles every year there can be an issues.

And this is what we have seen. The limited number of parking places in the district forced us to share the places somehow and this created a some tension among coworkers that were able to reserve the spot and the others. Furthermore our office manager was overwhelmed on daily basis by micromanaging the places not leaving any any free time for other work.

We'll see how a reservation system won't help you in such situation and how this can be made in a better way.

Holdybot, an open-source Clojure app was created to help with this. As a natural extension, over the weeks it also gained some more super power to help with office desk sharing if needed.

This is a story about developing the app itself. How using a Clojure ecosystem helped to solve this social problem which was full of emotions. Basically how we got rid of dislikes and hatred even though there is not enough resources for everyone.

Currently, we run the app in production for more than half a year. Using a Clojure/ClojureScript was the best decision ever.

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Tomáš is a passionate programmer. He likes to learn and solve difficult problems. Either they are technical or any other that might have a technical solution in the end. He is a husband and dad of two boys 6 and 4 years old. He loves to cook and enjoys running in his free time.