Wesley Matson

Wesley Matson

The REPL as a General Purpose Tool

Some of us fight production fires using the REPL, even for non-Clojure projects. Each experience yields a useful script as an artifact. With a smidgen of forethought, these tools we build for ourselves can be shared and reused in creating investigative tooling for our teams.

Wesley will start with a live demo of wrangling some data.

He'll give a brief overview on the libraries he uses to fight fires in production, including a case study or three. Then, he'll explore the structure of good "scratchpad" projects. From there, Wesley will explain the benefits of sharing such projects with your team and include several tips for causing a compounding benefit that can lead to Clojure adoption/experience via the sneaky path of scripting outside the "real" projects.

About Wesley

Wesley wrote his first Hello World in C++ at the age of 6, started full-time employment as a software engineer by 19, and aspires to contribute something real to the industry as a whole before he retires.

Programming isn't his whole life, it's far more accurate to say learning is.

Separate hobbies include:

  • Hiking
  • Cooking
  • Mixology
  • Board Games
  • Video Games
  • Composing Music